Orlando Chujandama Huazanga is a curandero vegetalista from the Peruvian
high Amazonian region of the Huallaga River. Born in the small village of
Llucayanacu, he was raised partially by his grandfather, Don Aquilino
Chujandama one of the most respected master in the field of Vegetalismo of
this region.

Curandero or traditional ingenious  healer curing physical or spiritual
illnesses his practice is Vegetalismo; the Amazonian tradition of spiritual
herbalism practiced in the Peruvian Amazon.

After the death of his mentor and familiar he moved in Tarapoto where he
followed his education. He came back to the field of vegetalismo and
training in the art of Amazonian traditional healing at the age of 30, when
he followed long and strict isolation in the jungle under the guidance of
Master plants and his grand father in dreamtime.

He leaves now in Tarapoto with his wife and 5 children but has a small
venue to receive groups and patients in the village he was born on the banks
of the Huallaga river close to Chazuta. At Llucayanacu.

His tradition is part of the traditional Amazonian Medicine ways, where
a strong knowledge of the fauna and flora form the jungle is carried by its
followers. Their knowledge is related to medicinal plants, their used and
application as the use of psychoactive such as ayahuasca and tobacco.